Protecting Fundamental Freedoms

Advisory Board Members

The Human Liberty campaign has been created to unite the whole world – both East and West – in a campaign to promote human dignity and end the violation of the most fundamental freedoms protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Our board spans the globe from South Korea to the United Kingdom.  Our advisory board members include two of the greatest experts on human rights in Seoul and London:

U.S. Congressman, Pennsylvania
Member of Tom Lantos Human Right Commission and
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe                                                  
Former Co-ordinator of the Panel of Experts
assigned to monitor sanctions 
against North Korea for the United Nations         
Professor at Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies
Ambassador for Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
 Tae Hoon Kim TAE HOON KIM
Commissioner, South Korea Commission for Human
 Lord David Alton LORD DAVID ALTON
Baron of Liverpool, United Kingdom
     Park Sun Young PARK SUN YOUNG
Former National Assemblywoman;
Constitutional Law Professor, Dongguk University