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Park Sun-young


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Park Sun-young Taking Care of North Korean Defectors
According to Dream Makers for North Korea, a Seoul-based private foundation for veterans of the war and North Korean defectors, May, 2012, was the point that the number of defectors who have made their way south increased to 25,000 posing a growing challenge for South Korea. Among them, especially, defectors under 25 that include primary, elementary, middle and high school students fleeing from the communist country struggled in the south because of South Korea’s fiercely competitive society and identity issues due to their extreme experiences. We shall speak to a person who works hard to help them and veterans of the war. Her name is Park Sun-young (Park), chairperson of Dream Makers for North Korea and constitutional law professor at Dongguk University. The Post visited her office and talked with her.
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New group to aggressively help defectors, S.Korean POWs
Private projects will be pursued more aggressively to help North Korean defectors and South Korean prisoners of war held in North Korea, including the setup of alternative education institutions for children from the Stalinist country and a nursery home for POWs returned alive. Dream Makers for North Korea (or Forget-me-not in Korean), an incorporated organization led by former Rep. Park Sun-young of the minor conservative Liberty Forward Party, was launched Tuesday. The lawmaker had staged an 11-day hunger strike in February in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul to protest Beijing`s forced repatriation of defectors in China, and raised public awareness of the issue.   Read full article
Healing school to open for young N Korean defectors
SOUTH KOREA _ An organisation dedicated to helping North Korean defectors plans to open a school next month to educate and heal the physical and psychological wounds of young refugees from the North. Named after a flower called forget-me-not in English, Mulmangcho School will be run by Dream Makers for North Korea, led by former lawmaker Park Sun-young. “Our aim is to provide art therapy in the form of poetry, music, and fine arts in the vast plains of Mother Nature, away from the hustle-and-bustle of Seoul,” Park told The Korea Herald..  Read full article
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Korean-Americans donate for POWs
An organization of Korean-Americans has donated 200 million won ($175,800) for South Korean POWs who were abducted to the North during the Korean War. Dream Makers for North Korea, a Seoul-based private foundation for veterans of the war and North Korean defectors, yesterday said it had received the donation from the Grace & Mercy Foundation. “We grew up in America, so we know the very basic background of history and we don’t really understand the depth of their heartache, the tragedy of the situation,” foundation president Mark Shaw said yesterday. “But, obviously, to be here and to hear their story was really touching for us.”  Read full article