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Tae Hoon Kim


ReadReport1Human Rights Body Details N.Korean Abuses
Tae Hoon Kim, who heads the special committee on North Korea in the Commission, said, “Human rights abuses by the North Korean regime are globally recognized crimes against humanity with no statute of limitation. This report will serve as evidence to punish the North Korean regime in the future.”  Download the report by our Board Member Tae Hoon Kim
Defectors describe horror, heartbreak in North Korea’s labor camps
Watching the public execution of his mother and older brother, Shin Dong-Hyuk thought the punishment was just. They had planned to escape the North Korean labor camp they were being held in until Shin overheard them and reported them to the prison guards.Just 14-years old, Shin says he felt no guilt in condemning them to death. One of the very few North Koreans to be born inside one of the brutal prison camps, he says the concept of family that exists in the outside world did not exist in Camp 14.  Read full article
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Human Rights Body Details N.Korean Abuses
The National Human Rights Commission unveiled its first report on North Korea’s rights violation on Sunday. The evidence was obtained in interviews with some 60 of the 800 North Korean defectors who arrived here since March last year. The report details the horrific situation of those imprisoned in four political prison camps in Yodok, Kaechon, Pukchang and Hoeryong, and two concentration camps in Jeungsan and Chongori.  Read full article
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South Korean report details alleged abuses at North Korea’s prison camps
A South Korean government-funded human rights group has released a series of raw firsthand accounts of North Korea’s political prison camps, Seoul’s first comprehensive attempt to catalogue the atrocities that Pyongyang denies take place.The 381-page report, based on about 200 face-to-face interviews with defectors who survived the camps, is a significant step for a South Korean government that has long remained quiet about the human rights abuses of its neighbor.  Read full article